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· 12 min read
Simone Cuomo


In the era of building and improving products fast, engineering managers encounter fresh challenges that render traditional strategies outdated. The amount of time spent trying to make sure that teams not only build products fast, but also without breaking too much stuff or introducing security vulnerabilities, is significant.

One of the most time-intensive tasks involves conducting code reviews – these crucial checkpoints serve as guardians, shielding your codebase from potential chaos. Additionally, code reviews are an essential part of compliance; which is often a requirement when working in an enterprise. Despite their significance, they can also turn into obstacles, occasionally stalling the deployment process. The question at hand is: How can we navigate through this impediment while upholding top-notch code quality?

Introducing AI-powered code reviews! Picture your team's pull requests getting reviewed as soon as they're made. That's the magic of AI code review tools. For teams, this means you don't have to wait for hours to get feedback. Reviewers can still offer more feedback later. It also means your teams can stay on track, creating and releasing features, without the usual delays of waiting for code reviews.

We'll discuss the regular stages of software projects and the impact of AI code reviewers like CodeRabbit in this digital era. You'll gain a detailed insight into how these tools are changing the game, making code reviews faster, smarter, and surprisingly, more human-like.