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· 9 min read
Gur Singh
Vishu Kaur

We are witnessing an inflection point in the software development industry. Developers around the world have been realizing the incredible possibilities that AI can bring. The introduction of GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT have revolutionized software development. They have been the fastest-growing tools in the history of software development.

While on the code generation side, many tools have emerged, the code review process has remained largely unchanged. We continue to use the same tools and processes that were used 10 years ago. The code is still manually reviewed, which is slow, error-prone, and expensive. To address this, we are building CodeRabbit, an AI-powered code reviewer that is part of the code merge and CI/CD process. With CodeRabbit our vision is to speed up the code merge process by an order of magnitude, while also improving the quality of the code that goes beyond what is possible with human reviewers alone and existing linting tools.